The role of Kumon in America

Wed, 03/16/2016 - 21:51 -- admin

A customer recently compared QWiz.Me! to Kumon. The user said it was a “better Kumon”. My kids have attended a variety of afterschool programs and while we haven’t tried Kumon itself, we have known people who swear by it.

Let me start with a quick introduction about Kumon. Kumon is a personal tutoring enterprise. Kumon is a mathematics and reading educational technique which is practiced in franchised Kumon centers.

The function of a Kumon Instructor is always to discover every student’s standard of academic capability and constantly provide students with worksheets which are suitable for their individual ability levels. Instructors make sure students always experience a sense of success in their day to day study, which assists students delight in studying and allows them to improve their ability individually. Through monitoring students’ learning circumstances, Instructors become keenly conscious of how students are improving and changing, and look for things that will assist their future learning.

The Kumon Technique is primarily a home based learning system. Students are required to study a little every day for about 15 to 30 minutes (differs by student's capability and subject choice). The home learning develops a student’s self-reliance, time management strategies and overall control of the topics.

The Kumon English Program will help students while reading and translating instructions, or analyzing word problems, and study understanding skills support individual learning. The Kumon Math Program assists students to grow analytical and critical thinking abilities, the potential to reason in a logical manner as well as the ability to recognize patterns and implement these to newer situations.

In our app, QWiz.Me!; we absorb ideas from Kumon. Practice makes perfect. Small increments of difficulty everyday can make for an encouraging experience. By automating quizzes on your smartphone, the need to visit a teacher is avoided. Feedback is instant. Stuck with a problem? - get access to tutorials online with a simple click through the help icon. As the parent said in our reviews, hopefully we have captured the essence of Kumon, but brought it in an efficient 21’st century format.