What is QWiz.Me?

Mon, 06/29/2015 - 10:20 -- editor

QWiz.Me! is an app attempting to hack education.
We all know that practice makes perfect. But as a parent; downloading, printing and correcting worksheets is frustrating & time consuming. With technology, this should be more convinient

With QWiz.Me! you can -

  1. Its meant to replace workbooks. Workbooks/ worksheets need to be acquired and checked.
  2. Its meant to be convinient - now you can get math practise on your way to your baseball practise.
  3. Apps can check for wrong answers, guide students up a learning curve intelligently. Find it hard to understand exponenets, the system learns your are having a hard time, takes you up a gradually difficult set of problems.
  4. Apps can detect effort, compare performance with peers - let you know where you stand
  5. Stuck on a problem? - click on the help link on the quiz, it will take you to web page with video tutorials for that topic.
  6. Think you are a master and skip the learning curve? - take the quiz

QWiz.Me! has 100's of thousands of quizzes in Common Core, Mental Math & Spelling Bee.

Spend 20mins a day on QWiz.Me! and watch your performance improve!